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Breakfast and Turkish- Cappadocian Cuisine

The "Fairy Chimney" (and much more our chef Gulcan) is well known for the delicious and rich breakfast buffet including different kinds of bread and "Gözleme" pancake, home-made jams and "pekmez" (grape molasses), as well as all kind of chease, eggs, fruit, cereals, juice etc. We are always taking care of presenting the best ingredients (like olive oil) and freshest seasonal products to our guests and prefer ecological quality. Some of the fruit and vegetables you will find at the FCI are grown in a traditional way (only using pigeon-guano as fertilizer) in our own gardens.

For dinner Gülcan serves delicious Turkish Cappadocian food freshly made to order and there are many dishes to choose from. Some meals are even prepared in the very old traditional way on top of the "tandir" or in traditional "Güvec" clay-pots. Vegetarians, will enjoy the many culinary alternatives and tasty salats.

In the special (rather informal) cooking courses Gülcan holds on occasions, you can learn how to prepare these generally fresh and healthy dishes. You will learn all about the Cappadocian cuisine and its major ingredients and can visit the market together with Gulcan, where you will discover local fruit, seasonal vegetables as well as herbs & spices.

In April/May 2008 two talented 'culinary anthropologists' on their research trip through Turkey stayed with us in Göreme to learn about the local Cappadocian cuisine. They presented their work on a brilliant website at: /, which is a must for everybody who is interested in traditional Turkish cuisine. Thank you Anna & Matt for this fabulous work!

One year later, the famous Australian travel and food writer Leanne Kitchen stayed with us on her research trip to Turkey. Leanne published her results in a very nice book "Turkey. Recipes and tales from the road", where she also presented Gülcan's "Kapadokya Manti".