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Cappadocia Academy Guesthouse

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MERIAN Heft - Kappadokien 03/2012

MERIAN 03/2012

MERIAN 03/2012 - Kappadokien - Rückkehr der Höhlenmenschen

New York Times - Travels 2007/12/23

Lonly Planet: Turkey, 2007-11

".... This fairy chimney high on the Göreme hill has been converted into a comfortable hotel by it's owner, a German anthropologist who has ensured that his conversion is a respectful tranquil retreat on the village's highest point and can rightly claim to to have the best views in the village. Rooms are relatively simple, featuring (red oxyd dyed) concrete floors covered in a profusion of rugs, lovely bathrooms and comfortable beds aborned with bright textiles. Added extras are a fully functioning hamam in a cave, communal lounge, home-cooked meals and glorious garden terrace. (see Lonely Planet, 2007 p. 505) ..."


Turkey - Alastair Sawday's Special Places to Stay- Turkey 2006

"The paradox is that you had to be German, and a doctor of anthropology too, to build a Cappadocian house of such complete authenticity. The locals prefer cement. The urbanites worry too much about design. The true primitive is hard to capture. Andus wrote his dissertation on the cave houses of Göreme; then he found the woman of his dreams, and decided to stay and become part of the landscape. He took forever to restore his cave. We waited five years; we hope – in?allah – it will be ready, more or less, by 2005.. As it is, it is a wonderful labyrinth. Best of all, it makes no perceptible effort to fit the rock into a pre-conceived plan. If a room is thimble-sized, it is made into a comfortable thimble. A window may be below floor level, but there is always enough light. A wonderful Turkish bath is fitted into the old wine press. The atmosphere easy-going and un-authoritarian, bordering on the bohemian.. The setting is a dream-like valley, uncontaminated by the hustle of tourists Göreme.."

(with even a picture of our place on the lower left-hand side of the cover ;-)

Alastair Sawdays, Special Places to Stay


BBC & Michael Palin's New Europe

In January 2007 a TV team with director John Paul Davidson came to Cappadocia to film parts of the 'New Europe' episode with ex 'Monty Python' Michael Palin for the BBC. Staying at the 'Fairy Chimney' and at the 'Antolian Houses' in Göreme, Michael Palin and his team had been filming in the area for a couple of days where we had the chance to introduce them to the area, advise and accompany most of the shootings.

If you like to read the text from Michael Palin's 'New Europe' book online or see some pictures taken by the photographer Basil Pao you can visit his official travel website at:

Michael Palin, Gülcan and the coffe ground reader

Andus Emge & Michael Palin

Michael Palin & Andus in his study (photograph by Basil Pao)

Michael Palin and Andus Emge at the Goreme Open Air Museum

Michael Palin & Andus at the Open Air Museum in Göreme (photograph by Basil Pao)


Review on Turkey Travel Planner


The Working Traveller (review)