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The most authentic cave hotel in Cappadocia!

At the upper south-west end of the village Göreme ,the "Fairy Chimney Inn" is located right in the heart of Cappadocia. Most of our rooms are historic cave-rooms situated inside of one of these famous tufa rock cones, which are locally called 'fairy chimneys' (peri bahcasi). A few other rooms are typical examples of local "kemer" arched architecture.

The FCI is restored in a traditional way and combines original local style and basic modern function. Most of the guestrooms are equipped with under-floor radiation heating and unique "hamam" like bathrooms next to hygienic western shower facilities to provide a high level of individual comfort and authenticityduring your stay.

Various terraces for the private use of our guests.

Locally-born and lively Gülcan will provide you with all kind of valuable information and support concerning your visit in Cappadocia. These might include:


- Airport-shuttle / flight & bus management / booking issues
- Hot-air balloon flights
- Day tours, Special events
- Hot springs an Bathes
- Horse back riding tours
- Rent-a-car/bike/ATV)
- Home cooking and market visit etc.

Gülcan's soups and regional cuisine is a delicious alternative to the regular male dominated restaurant food. Enjoy the multiple terraces and best views directly in front of your room. Our local knowledge and the private atmosphere will provide you with an exclusive individual experience with a glas of wine or a cool beer.

Get out on unforgettable hikes into Cappadocia's unique valleys and explore the lunar landscape, old hermit caves, ruins of hidden Byzantine churches and 'fairy chimneys' in direct neighborhood of the FCI.

The FCI can be reached from the village centre by walking up/downhill within +- ten minutes.



The hotel and website was established around 15 years ago by Gülcan and Ph.D. anthropologist Andus Emge, who once did his research on the local traditional habitat and social changes in the village of Göreme and later on purchased this property. The hotel still belongs to the owners. Please excuse that some parts of the website may not be well maintained or updated anymore. Prices and offers might have changed, but the place is generally the same.

Some of the rooms and bathrooms need to be renovated in a sensible way, so the room of your choice might not be available during the time of your request. Contact Gülcan for further information. We will also focus on a new website as soon as we find time and help for that.